It was my birthday and for the first time in my life I had the urge just to skip my usual big parties and just do nothing at all. That last part was a no-go for my guy so secretly he planned it all out. A weekend in Bruges. From sweets at the best waffle house in town, Belgian fries place, XL sightseeing like a real tourist, shopping, afternoon strolls, a romantic dinner at the BEST Greek (in the history of ever, hands down!), he figured it all out.

We even had the most hilarious beer tasting (I’m not much of a drinker) and mastered the art of swimming at the hotel pool. It literally was above my expectations cause a) celebrating your birthday in a foreign country is a definite plus to begin with, b) I would have settled for a slice of cake and Ice Tea but instead of that I gained a bit weight from being spoilt rotten like crazy and c) Bruges is even more beautiful than I thought!

Thank you babe for making the first day of my 26th year so amazing. I love you.
Photo credits: by Audrey Victoria