You might have seen a picture or two coming by on my Instagram page when I was residing in the USA this past summer. I have so many stories and made a lot of pictures of our wonderful adventure. Doing this huge roadtrip in the United States has been my dream for as long as I can remember. We didn’t hold back and basically did everything we wanted to do during the trip, from the most exciting hikes, renting the biggest and baddest SUV, stargazing in the beautiful Joshua Tree desert in a vintage airstream, sleeping on the Vegas Strip – in the awesome MGM Grand and up-hill buggy riding like a pro in Utah. And you know what? That is only the tip of the iceberg! That’s why I decided to make a series of this trip. It was simply impossible to put the whole journey into one single post.  So.. Here’s the first one!

Starting off in the Beehive State, Utah.
Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef and Arches. These State Parks were amazing. All covered with red rocks but so different from each other. Every single one of them had it’s own kind of beauty. Each time you enter one, you’ll get to the welcome center. I never skipped out on a chance to see the visitor center cause it allowed you to know so much more about the background information of the park. It’s heritage and origin, even going back a million years (I love this and I go crazy for all the dinosaur stories!). In some parks they even tell you through videos or 3d models how the soil is built up. Layer unto layer. Which plants are growing where, which wildlife and so on. In one park, we even tasted it’s nature. We went apple picking in the most lovely orchard and later on tasted these in the shape of a homemade apple pie. So. Good. We went from places to places, small villages to cities and parks to parks, we did everything by car. So the scenic routes, the best views and incredible shifts of lanscapes during the trip were incredible. You could easily drive around for 5 hours straight and be amazed every mile, of every new sight that was to come.

My favourite park was Zion. It was huge. The hikes and sights were simply extraordinary. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Walking inside that area made me feel so tiny, inside a big magical world. A beautiful nature of green, of waterfalls, tiny creeks, enormous rocks, narrows and the most thrilling hikes (yes my babe did the Angels’ Landing Trail – and yes, I chickened out -). It was our very first State Park visit. I’ll never forget the moment I looked into my guys’ eyes, completely in awe of everything that was around us.

Words aren’t enough to describe this first era of the trip, and even if I wanted to, I’d be writing hours and hours of blog material to cover all the stories and adventures. So with less words, I hope our images will speak for themselves. This is Utah, the first serie out of ten. 

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Nine more USA blogposts to go! See ya next week with all things Colorado.