On a very very rainy day in Arizona we rode off to a little village about half an hour east of Flagstaff, to visit the Meteor Crater. Luckily, the bright skies came and the raindrops stopped from coming trough, so we were able to visit the sight on foot. It was extraordinary to see. Just spectacular. We gathered tons of information in the discovery center at the crater but also got a guided tour with so many interesting stories. A few facts (I had to look these up on their website): The Meteor crater is the result of a collision between an asteroid traveling 26,000 miles per hour and planet Earth approx. 50,000 years ago. Can you even imagine? That impact? The crater is more than 550 feet deep and nearly one mile across. It was simply breath-taking to see.

After this day-trip we visited the city of Flagstaff. I loved this place. Sightseeing the beautiful city, the wonderful old town, we tasted so many Tripadvisor favourite cuisines (Thai, Italian, Sushi), and had drinks at various local breweries! We went shopping in the gigantic malls and spent nights at the movie theatres (oh I loved that buttery popcorn and ultra comfy seats). Flagstaff was awesome! Definitely one of my personal highlights.

We ended our Arizona adventure in the Grand Canyon. One of my favourite parks of our West USA adventure. It was enormous. It was beautiful. It was a dream come true. We did multiple hikes at the park and it was a journey to never forget. I guess these photos will speak for themselves.


Next week I’ll be back covering all things California (yes, Joshua Tree, LA, Beverly Hills and Palm Springs coming in hot!)
Photo credits: by Audrey Victoria