From Utah to Colorado, all the way to Arizona. I warmly welcome you to the USA series and I love to tell you some of the highlights of the wonderful Grand Canyon State of Arizona. I had to cut this post in two because of all the parks, cities and sights we visited. It was just going to be too long for one blog!

If my inner tom tom is right, straight on U.S Route 163, you have Monument Valley. A beautiful area on the Colorado Plateau with it’s red, signature and extraordinary rock formations. We stayed at this wonderful airbnb at the Navajo area (Indian reserve) and it was the prettiest little cabin in the outdoors. We loved our time here. Back to the basics, beautiful surroundings underneath a sky full of stars.

We made some short road-trips to the famous Horsheshoe bend (simply breath-ta-king), visited the city of Page and took a dip into the gigantic Lake Powell. We took a tour at 6 in the morning to gaze into the narrows of Antelope Canyon. We actually did and saw so many sights I’m probably forgetting half of them right now!


Next week I’ll be back to talk about the second part of our Arizona visit, including Flagstaff favourites and the classic Grand Canyon!
Photo credits: by me