"For Christmas 2017 we wanted to do something special for our (former) clients so we decided to send everyone a personal Christmas card. As I’m a BIG fan of Audrey’s work, I decided to ask her if she had time to design our seasonal greetings and luckily she had. After a short phone call and a few emails Audrey got our brief and she started to work her magic! A handmade card, with musical instruments and Christmassy elements in pretty water colors, came out even better than I imagined! Immediate happiness and after the first preview I was already satisfied. She gave me some advice where to print the cards (great recommendation!) and the end result was just stunning. All the band members loved this Christmas card and the feedback from our clients was incredible. We already know where to go coming Holidays ;) Thank you Audrey, for your professionalism and creative skills. This girl rocks!"
------------- Eva, the Big Swingers

I love The Big Swingers! When Eva asked me to design their seasons’ greetings, the smile was all over my face! She asked me to illustrate their signature instruments, in a way that would also perfectly suit their style of branding. I love the result and am proud to have made this warm holiday wish for these amazing artists!