I started my blog in 2009 and had this funky and flashy logo. It suited my brand at that time, cause my stories were fun, quirky and happy; mostly about fashion, street art and cool videos. But as time passed, I got older and so did my work. Soon after, I was offered various freelance projects and in 2012 I officially started my brand under that same identity. I started working for different companies and got hired as a graphic designer frequently. That went very well and it was a great time. I learned a lot and gained so much experience, I even graduated at that time from my college degree in ICT & Media Design.
As more and more time passed, I started to think that my own visual identity didn’t fit my brand anymore. It was a complete different reflection of what I wanted to share with the world. Cause back in 2009, to me, it all started out for fun. It was just a fun, hipster logo with happy colors. Just to reflect my same, happy stories as a blogger.


But blogging wasn’t my only business anymore. It was graphic design, photography and in 2015 I even added illustrations to the business. I wanted to be taken seriously and my guess; that first logo was something else. So it was an obvious choice to rebuild that visual identity. In 2015, I transformed my logo into a chic, simple and graceful logo. It was the perfect choice at that time, because of all the illustration and calligraphy work I’ve been doing since. Together with (this) new website, my brand was re-born.

But like I told you, in 2015, I added illustrations and calligraphy to the freelance business. It was at the same time that I launched this new logo. Illustrating and calligraphy was all so new to me back then. So as time passed once again, it made me realize it had a totally different feeling in real life than the visual identity of 2015 represented. After a year of hard work with this new brand identity, it became clear to me that this logo didn’t reflect my work. It didn’t reflect my brand.

When I look back at that year, I know for a 100% that illustrations & photography is my core business. And I did not knew it when I launched that 2015 logo. I just wanted to launch my new core business with a new face but how to do so when you haven’t really felt or experienced what that work was like completely?

It was a fun fact that both illustrations and photography simply took over my heart and the passion for it grows with the minute. This is what I want to do for the rest of my life! Absolutely! This job brings me so much joy, energy and passion, it’s unreal! This is it. I need that feeling to create a branding that is a mirror to your brand. So there were a few key things that my new identity had to consist: 1) a minimal, modern and chic way of saying my name 2) it has to consist my tagline and 3) this new logo must have the possibility of carrying out different colors in different ways, but still look the same in a way, eh, savvy?

And so, I am very very proud to tell you it’s here. My new visual identity, my branding is complete!


I wanted all these demands since this identity is a 100% reflection of my brand. I want to show that through the minimal and modern aesthetic of the typography used in AUDREY VICTORIA. Cause my work is modern-day, it’s strong in a beautiful and elegant way. With simplicity at the center! It also has to tell you my core business in a blink of an eye. And the use of colors refers back to where it all started for me. My 2009 logo, since blogging is still part of my business. I love how this logo stays the same but has the ability to evolve with colors and lines. This reflects on the different services I offer these days. From (handmade) stationery design to the design of visual identities, illustrations and photography on various levels. This new design is timeless meets modern.

It includes my personal approach, on how I’m creating tailored designs that express the personality of my clients, whether that’s through photography, graphic design or illustrations.