"Jobs fill your pocket, adventures fill your soul."

Only two hours of flying from my home town, we landed in beautiful Rome, Italy. This place left me speech-less. Every single day I walked these streets. Plain speech-less! A city with that much history, that much charm, that much beauty. Even crossing the street, gazing at a random door, number plates on their porches, balconies, just the ordinary things, it was all so pretty!

Like every other The Lonely Planet kind of travel-guide, I am going to tell you that I can highly recommend all the sightsees that this city has to offer. It’s for a 100% fact that we might not have seen all the hotspots (let’s say we only did this to have another excuse to come back) but we came a long way! From The Vatican, to Villa Borghese, The Spanish Stairs, Pantheon, Colloseo, Piaza Navona, Foro Romano, Sistina Chapel, Campidoglio, San Pietro, the Trevi and so much more. Visiting each and every one of these areas was simply amazing. And a little side note: we did almost everything by foot, cause there was just too much to see! And I thought it be a waste to hop from one pretty sight to another through the underground metro. It’s safe to say we did an average hike of 18 km a day – totally worth it though! :)

Before I leave you into my photo-diary, there are a few sights I want to highlight:

I loved this area so much! And there’s only one way to describe it: discover it yourself! From the loveliest trattoria’s, shops, live music, cozy and crowded squares, a creative / mellow and loving vibe. This area was definitely one of my favourites to spend at night (yes that includes great stops for food).

Roman Artichokes
As I told on my Instagram post here, I was slightly obsessed with this dish. I’ve had it a few times during my stay and it is literally THE best ever. Deep fried artichokes. Like; really deep fried so the leaves were close to chips but the core was soft, moist and incredibly tasteful. I’ve had this as a starter during dinner multiple times and I’m (as we speak) daydreaming of eating it now.

A four floor store on Italian food, with superb foodcourts and bars on every corner? Yes please! After hoarding loads of souvenirs (in the shape of pesto, olive oil, pastas, herbs and even some porcini on the side) we took a cab and headed over Tripadvisors’ best pizza place in town called Da Remo. Unfortunately this place was closed because of holidays so we asked the cab driver what his favourite pizza place was. He took us closeby, to Nuovo Mondo. One big crowded place filled with locals. And yes, the pizza was flawless. The fettucini porcini too by the way.

Icecream! HEAVEN! Baccio (with tiny pieces of hazelnuts) and stracciatella were my absolute favourite there.

Gelateria OldBridge
More ice cream.. Baccio, stracciatella and; Nutella. Yes there was Nutella ice cream and it was so good it almost made me eat the spoon as well.

Chic, cozy, comfort food. Their Grandmothers’ lasagna was simply divine! We had such a great and romantic night here, filled with de-li-cious food (and when we say delicious we mean deliiiiiicious) and friendly faces.

Obica Mozarella Bar
at Campo dei Fiori (this square is a must see too if you ask me, filled with so much restaurants and artistic street vendors)
Next to the Roman Artichokes, I was a bit obsessed with their mozarella too. Caprese style. This mozarella bar made their own and they had all kinds of different mozarella styles. We had the smoked one and it had a surprising delicious taste. The homemade ravioli, ricotta and spinach dish with butter and sage was an absolute winner too.

Santa Marinella Beach
Just an hour ride by train from Rome’s main trainstation Termini, we landed in a perfect small beach town called Santa Marinella. It was a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle in the city and we enjoyed our stay, the ocean and beach a lot. Picknicking out on the beach with fresh pizza margaritas (for only 5 euros) was the best bonus ever by the way.

Wrapping up, I just want to say I’m in deep awe of the beauty of this city. If you’ve been there you probably know what I mean. The people, another rhythym of life, the architecture and Italian culture. Discover a bit of this through my images below. Enjoy!





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