Here they are! My new line of postcards. I made these in these ‘bizarre’ and uncertain times where I slowly but steady got used to our new daily life at home. It was also a time where it became a whole lot quieter around my freelance business. It was a bit hard at first but it was also the best opportunity to develop my art skills and to illustrate a new line of postcards that I usually don’t have the time for at this moment.


I got inspiration for 5 different moments that are so recognizable these days. I wanted to capture these in this special way. My inspiration? A home office that we see day in day out. The bouquets of flowers that I buy weekly again just to brighten up the house, the television where I watch so many movies and shows (from the couch or crosstrainer!). My dream-back yard (cause we’re obviously doing a lot of BBQ-ing these days), with in the distance all the dream travels we want to do one day. And lastly; (also a dream-bathroom where I’m finding my peace all too well, with a book, a candle, a podcast in the background (of course I added a stack of toiletpaper!).


Photo and illustration credits: Audrey Victoria