"Up in the clouds, on my way to unknown things."

Where to begin? After a 5 hour flight from Amsterdam, it was the start of two weeks of unlimited relaxation with family. We settled down in an oceanside villa (including a swimmingpool) and it was the perfect home away from home. Underneath a daily clear blue sky, hot sun, salty air and a healthy dose of vitamine sea. I could not be more thankful for my in-laws for taking us on this incredible adventure in the mediterranean.DSC_03451DSC_0139DSC_0010DSC_00062DSC_0019 2DSC_0042 2DSC_0054DSC_0079DSC_0103DSC_0085DSC_00983DSC_0219
DSC_0429DSC_0498We discovered the beautiful city of Paphos. The town, the huge mall for endless shopping sprees, the harbour and also the ancient city. We visited the zoo, coastlines and took a few nice hikes (oh and did I mention the 06:30 AM beach runs?). Next to that, we had numerous road-trips following the roads that lead to the hills and mountains of this island. Which obviously resulted in amazing views! Cedar Valley area (a beautiful forest) and a stop near the town of Polis to visit the Baths of Aphrodite. A wine tasting at Vouni Panayia, up in the hills followed by a delicious (and when I say delicious I mean de-li-cious!) lunch with all kinds of traditional dishes of the island. What a day!
We went sightseeing nature and culture, we enjoyed the Cypriotic cuisine (which was a lot related to the Greek kitchen, and YES I love me some Greek food!). And we often times hit the beach to take that dip in the azure blue water. One of the best dinners there was at the authentic restaurants of Laona and the Seven St. Georges. At the latter, the dining tables were set in a whimsical outdoor scene, at sunset, underneath pretty grape plants. Their cooking was homemade, traditional and seasonal. They cook everything that can grow in Cyprus, some even picked by themselves. They served Meze, a delicious variety of different delicacies. Our dinner started with a fresh salad, freshly baked bread (über crusty on the outside and super-fluffy on the inside plus there were even raisins in it, my fave!) and about 8 appetizers. From delicious dips and pickles like houmous and tzaziki, but also ones I’ve never had! All of these dips were a great companion with the salad and bread. We ate it all! After that, the Meze continued with a variety of traditional meat and vegetable dishes. They kept coming with new dishes until you were full! And you know what? We tasted about 26 dishes that night and shamelessly finished every single plate! It was literally that good. All courses were special to me, since I’ve never tasted anything like this. And the desert? Let’s say I still daydream about that sticky toffee pudding with loads of caramel. I was surprised, delighted and enjoyed this dinner-night so much!

DSC_0446DSC_0454DSC_0448DSC_0455In between countless moments of laughter and fun, of discovering new places and culture. I’m looking back at a beautiful holiday with my family. This island is a wonderful place and I could not have been happier to have made new memories in the past two weeks on an island as beautiful as this one.
‘Till we meet again Cyprus!