This past weekend, me and my guy visited Liège, a city located in Belgium.Both clue-less about where we were going to though: turned out, Liège was a very lovely city with lot’s of hidden gems in it’s creative alley’s! Here are a few highlights & hotspots:

Le Pain Quotidien
High five for fresh rasberry & lime lemonades and even more high fives for a healthy menu! I’ve had the avocado salad and it was serious bomb-diggity. Topped with fresh arugula, pesto, cashewnut hummus (reeaaally!), pickled beetroots and tomatoes. Ehm. Sourdough bread as side dish? YES! Definitely coming back to this place during my next visit. The tartines with fresh buffalo mozarella, tomatoes, prosciutto, and organic pesto rosso was quite the deal-breaker too by the way!

Liege Guillemins
This station is like a modern-day-hip-futuristic space station. Must see!

Cathedrale Saint Paul
A beautiful church. This cathedral looked wonderful from both in- and outside. The details, the glass and lead, altar, the aisle. Everytime I come to a new city and see a catedral, I always hope to see the inside of it too!

Rue St. Paul (street)
This street was filled with small deli shops. From the finest bakers to chic butchers. Window-shopping alone was a real treat!

Vom Fass
Tons of variations in vinegar, oil, liqueur and even whiskey straight from the barrel!

Located in the center of Liège, me and my guy were obviously aiming to catch some real Liège waffles. That’s when we stumbled upon Galet. Their display waffles made me drool instantly so I had to eenie minie mo one which one to pick (they serve cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate, rasberry and apple/cinnamon waffles). SO GOOD! And in case your wondering, yes, that chocolate waffle was mine ;-)




liege DSC_0008DSC_0035DSC_0037DSC_0043


Photo credits: by Audrey Victoria