In between projects, I’d like to experiment with new techniques and styles. I’ve been making these fully filled prints for over the past few months and I’ve been inspired by many different things and places. It’s a new direction I want to go in as an illustrator.


From left to right:
1. If I had to re-decorate my childhood dream bedroom, it would definitely be something like this. Space-themed, glow-in-the-dark sky and lots of patterns everywhere!
2. A place that I’ve been seeing a lot lately, a home office (I might have added a few objects of my own home office, but I did a lot of fancying up as well.)
3. My livingroom with a few tweaks here and there (for instance: hello pink wall!).
4. A time and place in my memory that I cherish a lot, it was during our holidays in the States and we were in this perfect little cabin out in Colorado. I don’t remember all the interior details so vividly but it sure comes close!
5. This was actually the first illustration of this collection that I drew. I wanted to draw a retro vending-machine with all the favourite snacks (that I frequently get at the office) but then with a healthy section of the local grocery store in the back.


Photo and illustration credits: Audrey Victoria