At the beginning of this month, I was celebrating my 5 year anniversary of Audrey Victoria. A very special milestone. 5 years of artsy adventures, heaps of inspiration and exciting experiences, meeting new people and.. unlimited creativity! It’s been a great ride and I cannot wait for all the years ahead. I’m very thankful for this job, my clients and all of you followers. Thank you so much.

I wanted to celebrate this special day by asking you to join me! I created this giveaway of one custom handmade illustration of your choice on Instagram. It was great to see all of the creative submissions, but there could only be one winner (and believe me, all of your submissions gave me new inspiration and I secretly wanted to draw them all!) They were awesome!

So.. the winner? 

Alex Malone! From a Story of My World asked me to draw her year of traveling and working as a digital nomad across the globe. She wanted a little selection of the iconic places she visited in this journey.

I loved every inch of this story! So here you go! <3


Photo credits: by Audrey Victoria