I collaborated with Lomography Benelux and customized their La Sardina camera. It was a new challenge since the only gear to make art in my world is watercolor and pencils. This time I experimented with black and white permanent markers and a new canvas, it was so much fun!


I first made a few sketches and later on decided to keep it black and white chic. With this jungle theme in mind, I finished it off with a few sweet patterns on the side. I customized the front and back of the camera for a complete make-over, plus that iconic Flitz Blitzer!

I had the honour from Lomography to do a give away on my Instagram and I’m happy to have handed this one-of-a-kind camera to a big analog photography lover!


Also: I took another La Sardina out for a little adventure in Ibiza and made some pretty travel-shots. We did a little article and interview on the website of Lomography or check out more photos on my blogpost here.

Photo credits: by Audrey Victoria