As you might have noticed on my Instagram page, I’ve been traveling to Texas this past month. I visited SXSW Festival in Austin for my job at the University and it was simply an unforgettable time. These past few days I’ve been in some kind of ultra happy bubble, thinking and looking back to the trip and secretly daydreaming I was still there.

So besides my love for this festival, the city, the people and the complete vibe, Austin didn’t dissapoint food-wise. A week before my departure I’ve Tripadvisored a lot about this Texan cuisine and even checked out No Reservations on Netflix with it’s episode during SXSW in Austin. The meat, the barbecue, the tacos, I couldn’t wait.

So that said, me and my colleague luckily had the same hearty appetite and during lunch and dinner time; we tried out so many different dishes! We fell in love with each and every one of them. From lobster sushi to that tender, real smoked Brisket and burgers. We tried it all! I just had to share this with you, so here are my personal food favourites in Austin. I can’t wait to come back and try some more ;-)


Steak Tacos
We tried these at the food trailerpark at SXSW. I had the steak tacos with cilantro, avocado and salsa. Not too many ingredients, but super delicious! And their illustrations on their foodtruck is pretty awesome too!

Kimchi Fries
I never tasted anything like this! I’m obsessed with fries and the combination of the Korean BBQ beef, kimchi, cilantro and sauces were just incredible. I will definitely visit Chi’Lantro again one day, home of the original Kimchi Fries! YUM!

Homemade Iced Tea
I drank this almost every day. Their iced tea is literally just plain tea, but cold and nothing more added to it. Delicious and so refreshing!

On one Sunday night, went to Barbecue the movie at SXSW Film Festival (which was a wonderful documentary by the way) and the local Black’s BBQ offered us some fine original brisket. It was the first time I’ve ever tasted this tender and simply divine piece of meat. It was so good. SO GOOD!

Garlic Ribeye Steak
We went to 6th street a couple of nights and one time we stumbled upon Hoffbrau Steakhouse. I had the garlic ribeye steak and it was honestly the best steak I’ve ever had. Perfectly grilled, swimming in loads of butter, lime and garlic. Accompanied by some fresh cut potato wedges, a homemade salad and some slices of bread for soppin’. And a lovely bonus to this evening? Their bar outside was one of our favorites, complete with amazing, live country music.

Sportsbar Cheeseburgers
That authentic grilled taste of meat, a perfect bun, cheddar and crispy bacon? Yes. Please.

Surf and Turf 
Seafood (I had fried jumbo shrimps, – OMG –), grilled asparagues and a nice black angus steak at the Surf and Turf restaurant in Cedar Park. This was actually our first dinner in the big USA and we were fangirls of the Texan cuisine instantly.

PF Chang’s
This was such a pretty restaurant in the heart of Austin! Here, I enjoyed the Lobster sushi with garlic mayo and avocado, plus their signature steamed dumplings with shrimp. Only typing this makes me so utterly hungry and longing for this dish.

BJ’s Brewhouse & Restaurant was a lovely place to eat and their smoked and grilled spareribs were delicious. And that barbecue sauce? Awesome! They served a delicious house salad and crispy french fries. Love love love!

Well.. I hope this will inspire you for your next visit to Austin, I’m sure I’ll be bringing this list myself whenever I return! ;-)
Photo credits: by Audrey Victoria