"Sometimes in (business) life you meet people and you just 'click'. When I strolled through instagram and stumbled across an illustration of Eindhoven city on Audrey's page I immediately knew that I had to contact Audrey. She understands my company, visitors and vision like no other. Every project -whether it's a new menu design, chocolate bar wrapping or illustration for our website- always turns out exactly as I had in mind."
------------- Linsey, The Happiness Café


Photo (and header photo) credits: The Happiness Café Instagram

Okay.. Isn’t this so cool? A chocolate bar (you know I luuuuuuv chocolate) wrapped into a design that I made! The Happiness team created these unique chocolate bars straight from their Happiness Chocolate Factory! It comes in 5 original tastes and I’m so lucky to have teamed up with them again for this creative project. The design and illustrations come from my hand. This wrapping paper is perfectly in sync with the menu cards I designed for the Café a little while ago.

IMG_2827IMG_2824 Photo credits: by Audrey Victoria