You know the feeling you get when someone can read your mind and sees that image in your dreams? Well I do, because of Audrey, she only needed 2 words to create the tea label that was already in my mind! Even without showing her any visuals! She made it into something that I could have only wished for. Working with her was a pleasure, she is someone who is ready to go the extra mile! Without a doubt I would recommend her to anyone in need of a designer! I know for a fact that I've found mine.
------------- Charlotte van de Ven, owner / founder Charlotte's Choice

Charlotte’s Choice is a private tea label brand by tea sommelier Charlotte. Her original and divine taste for teas are available at her tea room or garden during her (homemade and special) high tea’s, and as of yesterday: her tea label is also to be tasted through her online shop as well! I was very happy to be part of the creation of the visual basis of this brand. It was the very first 100% handmade visual identity I’ve ever done. Combining my watercolor illustrations of leafs and hand-lettering into a beautiful logo design of florals and calligraphy. A classic, special and graceful logo that perfectly reflects the wonderful brand of Charlotte’s Choice. As a cherry on top, she asked me to design her first selection of twelve tea labels! Another great creative adventure, trying out different techniques in illustrating, in hand-lettering, in colors, in styles. I’m proud of the results and this cool collaboration together.

Curious? Check out her imported signature teas online! Every piece carefully selected by the (girlboss) tea sommelier herself: Charlotte’s Choice.
Photo credits: Kimm Photography