Working with new clients makes me so happy, every single time. Whether it’s through personal contact or all things through the web, I’m always up for a creative collaboration that I believe in! Creating this logo for Svenja was a 100% digital proces, I have never met the talented girl in real life but through all the e-mails and messages we sent, it was safe to say that this work-path was going to be fun and inspiring. I even sensed the happiness, passion and positive energy through all her messages! I enjoyed working with her so much!

She knew – right from the start – what kind of identity she wanted, and delivered so many pretty moodboards with examples, just to send over the right vibe. The result was a 100% handmade logo, handwritten with ink in modern calligraphy.

You can check out the logo on her website where she displays her wonderful, romantic – soft style photography. I instantly fell in love with her work when she photographed two of my best friends in Montenegro. Swoon! Simply wonderful!

Thank you dear Svenja for allowing me to create this new branding for you!


Photography by Svenja Photography