"When I asked Audrey if she wanted to design our coporate design, she was immediately enthusiastic! I admire her work so much. I love the combination of craft and the digital world. On our first appointment I showed her a small sketch of the logo and gave her a short explanation. Audrey started the project and the result was immediately what I meant! So special! I am so happy with the final result! The softness of the watercolor and the tough polygonal deer. And fortunately everyone in my area is just as enthusiastic as I am! Audrey you ROCK!"
------------- Levi & Loes, founders Rock That Wall

Teaming up with Levi and Loes from Rock That Wall was nothing but bliss! They told me about how they were transforming their dreams into plans. And next to that: how I could become a part of it when it came to their visual identity. Rock That Wall has the coolest wall stickers to give every room a new look in no time. They rock this signature polygon style and it was obvious that I had to give this style a lead role in their branding.

From the very first start, they already had a clear view on how they wanted their branding to look like. They knew what it had to exude, which colours it needed and what kind of logo would be suited for it. With this information I started out searching, sketching and finally designing this branding. Next to the visual identity I also designed a few elements such as a flyer, business-card and a catalog of their stickers in a big poster.


Got curious? Check out their website!