"Working with Audrey was inspirational, creative, colourful, soothing, innovative, humourous, all at the same time! She captured my ideas and the sphere I want to create for my clients in a wonderful self-made water-painted logo. On top of this she combined it with my calligraphic lettering, which was the icing on the cake 😍 Audrey also keeps thinking about new (social) media items so the business will grow further. Again, thank you, lovely Audrey, for all your endless efforts for making my dream complete!"
------------- Pamela, founder by POP's

For this branding, I teamed up with Pamela from Pop’s. She started her business a little while ago and you can read all about it on her brand new website that she created herself!

Her brand, By Pop’s includes two sub-brands: Pampering by Pop’s and Coaching by Pop’s. We came up with the idea to put actual watercolor in the visual identities and we even decided to add her own hand-lettering throughout the branding. I love a personal touch like this!

In the Pampering logo, we wanted to exude the wellness feeling. So I created a sweet pink lotus that exists from different small leafs which are actually fingerprints in watercolor! The leafs are an extension on this lotus and they come together just perfectly in the main brand: By Pop’s.

Check out all the visuals I made and on top of that; I had the pleasure to do a photoshoot as well!

Photo credits: by Audrey Victoria