"You're off to great places, today is your day. Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way."
------------- Dr. Seuss

Last July, me and Kevin drove (okay actually only Kevin drove) to Schwarzwald, Germany for a roadtrip adventure to do some hiking! 

Black Forest, Schwarzwald Germany
It was Kevins’ idea to discover the beautiful Black Forest as he had seen incredible photography of this piece of nature, at only 6 hours of driving from our home. I simply didn’t knew a lot about this area in Germany but it really, really surprised me. It’s simply gorgeous. And after spending there for a few days; we’ve been certain that this wouldn’t be our last holiday here in Germany. We enjoyed nature in the South of the country (near Switzerland) and the landscapes were remarkable. Traditional architecture and even some castles along the way. The people were friendly and the food (Gutentag schnitzels, hot apfelstrudel and currywürst!) were really good after a nice and steady hike!


From Sankt Peter to Sankt Margen
Our first 14 km hike. From the little town of Sankt Peter to the nearby Sankt Margen. The hike went through the thick forests and even a few paths alongside the villages. It was quite a long hike but felt so relaxing since it was so peaceful in the woods. The only thing you’d hear were the birds chirping and leafs flying around because of the wind (and sometimes the sound of a little squirrel, crossing our paths).


The 3 gorges path in the German canyons (Wutachschlucht)
A hike in the Wutachslucht, a small, steep valley with three gorges (canyons). It took about 13,5km to complete it. The first two gorges were my favourite and so much fun to hike. At some times, we had to hang on the canyon wall ropes while hiking alongside the river in the valley.  The third was a bit steeper and the grounds were wet from the rain (plus, I’m afraid of heights) so this last leg was quite intense and scary for me. I’m proud to have completed this hike though and the views were spectacular! During this hike, we also visited the Burgmühle for a quick pitstop. They served homemade pies (the best applepie I’ve tasted in a long time!) which that was a nice little break halfway up the hike.


The Triberger Waterfalls
One of the highest waterfalls in Germany (163m if I’m correct). It had a beautiful scenery and the hike up had a pretty view overlooking the town of Triberg as well.


There’s still so much more we wanted to explore in this area. I can’t wait to go back to beautiful Schwarzwald!
Photo credits: by Audrey Victoria