How do I work

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If you want to request a photoshoot you can send an e-mail to
I will send you a quote with your request. After you give your agreement the photoshoot date is set. If necessary, I can advise you in both photoshoot locations and styling. If you don’t know what to wear during a shoot: I wrote a post about styling during a photoshoot here. With a lot of love and eye for detail, I will only select the best shots of our photoshoot and won’t deliver the unedited versions. You will only receive the amount of high-res edited photos we agreed on.


Every design is custom made with your personal touch. I create tailored designs that express the personality of my clients, whether it’s through an illustration, graphic design or stationery piece. To request a design project you can also send an e-mail to or use the forms, added to each item in the shop. I will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss the wishes, possibilities and deadlines together. Shortly after, you will receive a non-committal quote for your agreement by e-mail. When approved, the creative process will start as agreed.  Graphic design is a collaboration where feedback is welcome so we can create an original and succesful design together. The amount of feedback rounds are also in agreement, in the quote.


The process:
Every custom made design starts with blank paper, where we can discuss your wishes from scratch and I can tell you about all the possibilities. Therefore, your ideas are very welcome during this step! In this process, I’m not responsible for printing, so all the design costs are excluding print-,  paper-services and material costs. Unless, you requested a custom and original illustration on print, handmade by me. Either way, this will be stated clearly in the quote, before hand.

1. Meet-up
You are welcome at my home office in Eindhoven, but we can also discuss the possibilities through e-mail.

2. Quote + plan
After collecting your wishes and creating an outline for the project; I will send this plan and the quote to you, so you can review the costs and outline of the project.

3. Accept?
When you accept this quote (via e-mail), it includes giving a pre-payment of 50% of the quote. Cause only after receiving the first payment, the project will start. The 50% payment will be stated clearly in the quote.

4. First sketches
Depending on the number of test designs we agreed on, you’ll receive the amount of designs through e-mail.

5. Take your pick
If the possibility is there. You can mix and match between designs. Only one design will be the main one to develop further.

6. Feedback
Time for feedback! Depending on how many feedback rounds we agreed on, this is the time to give your feedback so I can adjust the designs to your wishes – where possible.

7. Final work
After the rounds of feedback, I finalize the design and send it to you through e-mail or WeTransfer. This is your opportunity for a final check (for example; in text).

8. Yes?
After the final check, I’ll make sure you get the finalized document and if needed; I’ll make it ready to print. You are free to find a printing company of choice. It’s advisable to work with test prints from the printing company! Just so you’re sure that they can handle this kind of design and the colors and shapes come out perfectly!

9. Remaining payment
After finalizing our project, I’ll send you the invoice for the remaining payment. This sum has to be transferred within two weeks after receiving the invoice from me.


For both photography and graphic design: you can download my terms and conditions here.