About Audrey Victoria

Born in 1989 and pondering the universe with a big smile. To me, this work as an illustrator and photographer is a dream come true. It’s my biggest passion. Illustrating who your brand is in a fresh design, or documenting you in the best way possible in photography.

It’s like telling a story that lasts forever.

I’m currently living in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. I’m a real city girl, that enjoys 90’s hiphop, who is madly in love with food and cooking (wake me up for sweet potato fries anytime!), a passionate watercolor illustrator, a huge lover of traveling and known as a happy kid. Besides showcasing my work on this platform, I also like to tell my own stories, on the blog.

This website is the home of my work, but also a fun and fresh outlet for my artsy thoughts, daydreams of traveling, quirky things I’m craving and talks on style. It’s my online toolkit for creative ideas.  And if you leave this site with a smile, inspiring feelings or a pinch of curiosity, I’ve done my job.

Let’s have some fun! :-)